Memories of Murder

Director - Bong Joon-Ho

Genre - Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller

Realistic, sorrowful look into the painstaking legwork and constant stumbling blocks which precede a criminal investigation. Watching this, we definitely came away with new appreciation pertaining to what cops go through in their line of work. Shocking, thrilling and asserting a mysterious allure throughout, we were totally submerged in this story based on a real case file. Its main cast and their performances would make even seasoned Oscar-nominated actors red-faced, while a steady stream of impressively shot cinematography made this as special as a thriller could ever hope to be. However, for those of you who perceive the world as a candy-colored carousel of endless wonderment, this is a hornets' nest you wouldn't want to disturb.

4.5 STARS!

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siutou_amy said…
I've been meaning to watch this for a while now. I can't wait!
It is quite a unique murder mystery. Not the usual type where the answer is presented in a nice box tied with a cute ribbon. Enjoy!
Downbeat police procedural re: true story of Korea's first serial killer featuring city cop/rural cop rivalry and yet another great performance from Song Kang-ho. You can't go wrong. And yes, candy-colored carousel crowd need not apply.
Shubhajit said…
And not to forget, the pitch black humour & pointed satirical tone. I too loved the film and everything about it, including, as you mentioned, the pitch perfect acting. Great review.
adel said…
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Patrick - Wow Nelly, we didn't know this is the story of Korea's first serial killer! This fact you mentioned just made the film all the more chilling! Thank you very much for sharing this info with us.

Shubhajit - Thanks buddy. We believe this to be a more personal representation of who the director is. We didn't like 'The Host' all that much even though it was the more popular and profitable movie.

Adel - Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.