Director - Bong Joon-Ho

Genre - Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller

In a totally weird sort of way, this is actually quite a moving tribute to mothers everywhere. Sure, the maternal figure here may not possess great morality and her behavioral patterns aren't necessary the acts of a good woman, but that is exactly what made her real to us. It was her cracked vision of a world in which nothing matters but her son that made us respect and understand her fall from grace, or whatever was still intact in her after suffering multiple setbacks. Won Bin took a rest from being his usual heartbreaker self to play a retard and he gave his all, but unquestionably, it is Kim Hye-Ja who took the film onto a different playing field - a golden arena of acting where only the bravest of performers dare play.


All about Mother


siutou_amy said…
Oh, yeah. I had been hoping Hye-ja Kim had received some recognition during award season, but alas... Mother played very little during that game, despite being one of the best films last year.
You're right it IS a pity she didn't get recognized for playing this meaty role so well. Not many great parts are written for women or women of that age.
elgringo said…
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Sadako said…
Haven't heard of this but it sounds like a cool film. I'll try to check it out.
Yes you should definitely watch this.