Director - James Cameron

Genre - Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Movies like 'Avatar' pander to the average,entertainment deprived audience. It tweaks the joy buttons of those who like their pictures served loud, with plenty of action and a healthy dose of "WTF, that was CGI?" scenes. There are a good many of these viewers around as witnessed by this newly crowned most profitable film of all time. Set in the future, the script takes us like kids on a brand new carnival ride to Pandora, a planet knee-deep in an energy source much coveted by the U.S. government. A voluntary marine is called upon to infiltrate the home of the alien creatures, using an avatar to do so. When the hero falls in love with a local beauty, their happiness is shortlived as war looms in the horizon. Cue half-hearted attempt in getting us on the alien's side ('District 9' was way better in this aspect), chest thumpin' speeches and macho army talk. If you scrape away all the gloss and shine, what's left is a weak story propping up a grand show of expensive computer graphics. In short, it was everything 'District 9' wasn't.

2.5 STARS!

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siutou_amy said…

Finally! I really wanted to read this, though I wonder if your opinion could change a bit if you had seen it at the theater.

I thought Avatar's strongest point was its 3D... not necessarily the CGI.
LOL :)

We don't think we would like even the 3D version. We're not really big on the 3D craze. What we care about is and always will be stories which capture our hearts. If you don't have a good story to tell, you have nothing. Even 'Titanic' was better and that's saying alot.
They were a bit heavy-handed with the main theme. I did like the movie, but I can't say that it made quite the impression with me that it has for some.
Never liked anything directed by James Cameron.
Anonymous said…
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