Director - Mike Nichols

Genre - Comedy/War

A surrealistic commentary about the privatisation and increasingly business-like nature of America's military. Mike Nichols of 'The Graduate' fame might have been quite indulgent with his direction here but we still enjoyed it. A feeling of a lost, treasured time is felt when viewing this because a cast consisting of so many stars and elaborate sets will never get the green light now. The salaries of a cast like this would be too enormous for any studio to fork over. Alan Arkin plays an air force pilot who wants to be grounded because he is made to fly way too many missions. All around him, the world in which he fights for is becoming more inane and unworthy of his life on the line. With bizarre situations abound, a wonderful cameo by larger than life legend Orson Welles and cinematography done to detailed perfection, this will be seen and talked about for a long time to come.


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