Funny People

Director - Judd Apatow

Genre - Comedy/Drama

This is a curious film. It doesn't really fit together with what Apatow has produced or directed before. It is more like a case study on the struggles and effort which goes into being a stand-up. We think it wouldn't be too far out to say this is quite similar to what Scorsese's 'Raging Bull' had done for the profession of boxers. At more running time than what we're used to seeing in a typical comedy, this is like an arthouse treatment of the genre. The jokes have more bite and meaning as Sandler plays a dying comedian who reevaluates what his life has been despite his success. Seth Rogen who plays his earnest student and later the friend he never had, provides the emotional glue lacking in most comedies. Serious thespian Eric Bana also proved how adapt he is at eliciting guffaws. A comedy with more heart than the tin man would ever hope for. Ironically, this is the one element sorely lacking in Sandler's other films.


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Bobby said…
Such a great movie! Sandler and Rogan work together really well, especially when deviating from their own schtick.