The Lovely Bones

Director - Peter Jackson

Genre - Drama/Fantasy/Thriller

Susie Salmon is in the 'In-Between', a place sandwiched in the middle of heaven and the living. It is through here that she narrates her hauntingly short, bittersweet existence to us and what caused her to be taken so cruelly from her loving family. Based on a bestselling novel, the story is an engaging one because it is told in such a unique angle. The use of computer-generated images by director Peter Jackson infused the landscape of 'In-Between' with a sense of wonderment and it is done accordingly without being crassly overdone (Avatar comes to mind). Its highlights also include Stanley Tucci playing one of the creepiest suburban monsters in celluloid. We're not over the moon about this film because some parts were quite by the numbers and there weren't that many surprises as we thought there would be. Nevertheless, make no bones about it, this is worth your time.


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CMrok93 said…
For me, I just couldn't stand this film after awhile. You can only do so much with lush visuals.
Unlike you, we don't think it is a complete waste of time. There is a touch of something unique here. And can you really dismiss Stanley Tucci's finely tuned acting? Well, if it's not your cup of tea, it will probably never be. Thanks for dropping in.