Achilles and the Tortoise

Director - Takeshi Kitano

Genre - Comedy

Morbid humor surrounds this film like vultures homing in on a corpse. Ironically, this comedy of the macabre is also the much needed ingredient which saved Kitano's creation from being too dark to digest. Helping ease the otherwise depressing atmosphere as well are the ample placements of paintings drawn by the director. We must add that after seeing these works of art, we felt a sudden surge of respect for Kitano. The story of Machisu, a privileged kid who grew up to be a poor, struggling artist due to his father's business failure and subsequent suicide is largely used as a tool for Kitano to express his feelings about the art world. In this world, Machisu finds that it isn't easy to become a famous painter as art (like movies) is subjective and evaluated differently from one person to the next.

3.5 STARS!

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Sadako said…
Heh. Looks like a good one. Dark comedy is my thing.