Let The Right One In

Director - Tomas Alfredson

Genre - Drama/Mystery/Horror

A devastatingly unsweetened film about an unlikely friendship forged in blood and terror. Based on a Swedish novel, a Hollywood remake is already in the pipeline and it isn't hard to see why. This chilling tale shines a light on what it means to be a vampire and no, it isn't pretty like 'Twilight'. The novelist reportedly didn't set out to write a book about vampires, only a look back on his childhood mixed in with fictional, terrifying encounters to overcome. Eli, a girl who lives on the precious red fluid fueling our existence is manifested from this idea and god almighty, she is one hell of a dark creature! Not so much a breath, but a torrent of fresh air.


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Dan said…
Great review. Great film.
siutou_amy said…
and Eli doesn't sparkle. xD

LtROi was my fave film of 2008. Glad it passed your rating with flying colors. Have you seen the trailer to the American remake? Heh.
Shubhajit said…
A terrific film indeed!!! As you rightly noted, more than a vampire tale, it is a devastating coming-of-age tale, and it kept occupying my mind for a very very long time.
Dan - Thanks! :)

Amy - No we haven't seen the trailer of the remake yet. And yes, she didn't sparkle haha! This is not 'Twilight'. The girl would have made mincemeat out of Edward. :)

Shubhajit - Yes you're absolutely right. The film really got us thinking for days and days. And it wasn't happy thoughts of sunshine and care bears. What made us sat back and said "oh my god, this is good" was how the film never lost any of its humanity eventhough it was as dark as can be. The relationship between the boy and the girl felt real. They were two very lonely souls who formed a sweet connection. Vampires are often presented in cinema as either sexy or evil. The one here is neither. She's just like one of us. Scared and trying to make ammends with what she has become.
All things me said…
Couldn't agree more, I loved this film. Proper film making. Great review. P.
Cloke said…
The director of the remake is a big fan of the remake and is hoping to capture the spirit of the original, but that's a big task. This is a wonderful, strangely touching film. Nice Review.
Thanks for stopping by Cloke. :)
Randy Wheaton said…
I originally saw this movie using Netflix and I was not disappointed on first watch. It is an interesting take on the Vampire genre since they usually aren't featuring kids as Vampires. I'm a big fan of foreign horror and foreign movies. Come check out some of my movie reviews at The Eradicator Reviews
Great blog! Alot of interesting movies there. We're gonna visit your blog often for sure.
Randy Wheaton said…
Thanks for the support