My Name Is Khan

Director - Karan Johar

Genre - Drama/Romance

Shot mostly in the States, this motion picture by Karan Johar is not only worth a look, it serves a deeper purpose. Johar's works have always been about the connectivity of souls, with love being the binding agent. Here, he used the tragedy of that infamous day, September 11, to convey his social responsibility to the world. Shahrukh Khan plays a Muslim man with autism. Kajol (a Hindu) is the soulmate who takes on his name in marriage, thereby forever changing their destinies in a devastating time for both Americans and good Muslims. There are many instances where the story gets rather preachy and ungrounded, but through it all, Johar's noble intention of spreading peace and harmony in the face of a horrible event is worth commending. Our names or religions don't dictate who we are as people. We're the 1minutefilmreview posse, and WE TOO ARE NOT TERRORISTS (but if your movie stinks, get ready to be shot down by our words!).


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