Director - Ron Howard

Genre - Drama/History

For those who think this film would only matter or appeal to Americans, fret not. It does touch on politics but not so much that you would feel like you're watching CNN. At the heart of it, this is about two men who find peace with who they are in the world. It is about having the courage and conviction to come to terms with whatever your misgivings are. And in Richard Nixon, those misgivings are huge. British talk show host David Frost was the man who had Dick by the balls with his interviews and it gave Frost instant credibility as a journalist. For us, the re-enacted interviews and emphatic portrayal of Nixon let us see that he wasn't the evil criminal we thought he was. Yes he made terrible mistakes. But who among us have never done so? The difference being, he was the president of the most powerful country in the world when he made them.


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Shubhajit said…
I too found Frost/Nixon as a reasonably good, compact film. The film's taut narrative & matter-of-fact approach, along with the fine performances by the 2 actors & the great dynamics between them, made the film quite a compelling watch. And the fact that I was already aware of the overview of the incident made the progression of events very gripping. Well written as always.
Thank you for the compliment. You're right on the money. It was gripping and even for us non-Americans who weren't really affected by Nixon's actions, the movie provided a rare intimate glimpse into the psyche of a former Head of State. What we came away with in the end was that he wasn't a crook nor was he a saint. He was human and prone to mistakes just like the rest of us.
Guy Phenix said…
Must give this a watch but 3 stars aint great.
Cloke said…
Good film. I would've given four stars. Michael Sheen and Frank Langella's performances are top notch. Watching the film I was struck that the interview was filmed like a boxing match as the two leads traded punches and Frost attempted to find an opening in Nixon's defense. Eventually the underdog finds a way through and secrures the victory.

I'm glad to hear that the film had some force over the otherside of the Atlantic too.jundists
Thank you for your comment Cloke. It was, as you said, like watching a boxing match. Both men put their all in the interview. In fact, during some moments in the film, it seemed as if Nixon and Frost were exorcising their inner demons.