Where The Wild Things Are

Director - Spike Jonze

Genre - Adventure/Fantasy

Based on a book by Maurice Sendak, the story is one concerning a loner of a boy named Max. Max is a sensitively tuned daydreamer and is largely left alone by his family who have no time for his whining ways. One not so fine day, Max decided to run off to an alternate world, an island inhabited by Sesame Streets rejects. This place which exists only in Max's mind provides curious amusement for awhile, but soon it becomes apparent that nothing much goes on here. The Wild Things play pretty games and are just as juvenile as Max, given that they ARE his creations. All things considered, it is a gateway into a child's mind, warts and all. We couldn't care less since we're not parents or work as child educators. The computer rendered creatures are jaw-droppingly life-like though.

2.5 STARS!

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siutou_amy said…
they were puppets, though. the faces were moved digitally... but I'm pretty sure everything else was puppetry.

There should be a petition... bring back puppets.

I did like the film, it just felt really really depressing once the sense of wonder of seeing the Wild Things was gone.
We're not into puppetry at all. Has there ever been a good movie with puppetry? In 'Star Wars' Yoda was pathetic. The creatures in this film were really life-like but we felt the movie banked too much on that aspect. There really wasn't all that much meat in the script. It was overlong too and we just wanted it to be over. :)
siutou_amy said…
But the puppets on here, plus the animatronics on Jurassic Park still look better than most CGI.

I'm pretty sure the velociraptors on the first JP had a bunch of scenes where they were animatronics, and dino shoes. And the triceratops, even though it was such a short scene, still looks amazing. Even on the clips of that Walking with Dinosaurs exhibit, they look amazing until they show the general shot. LOL

Anyway, I thought the film was good... kind of sad about Keener's character as the mom to have such a troubled son, but in the end Max realizes that he's wrong. I have to agree with you in that it was long.
Oh...haha. We thought you meant puppetry in the more traditional sense. You know, Jim Henson. Not exactly the ones used in a CGI-laden pictures like 'Jurassic Park'. To be truthful, we don't really know much about animatronic (or puppetry) for that matter. Thanks for the info!