At The End of Daybreak

Director - Ho Yu Hang

Genre - Drama

This film right here reminded us again why we love indies. Profit driven movies are often without soul, filled with lines only movie people will utter ("you complete me", "you can't handle the truth!", etc) and often the story will not be an extension of the director's feelings towards the world at large. Malaysia's Ho Yu Hang may well be his country's breakthrough filmmaker and we're taking notice. Based on a news article he'd read, it is at once his own take on that event but also more crucially, a tale of a fragile relationship broken by human frailties. What was fascinating for us is that Ho nailed the hypocrisy of a young girl's fleeting vision of love so well, so full of truth it was just refreshing to watch. It may not have the gloss and polish of a bigger-budgeted film, but that is why we love independent movies. It is flawed, like all the rest of us. Life isn't lived on an expensive, built up set, is it?


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