Director - Satyajit Ray

Genre - Drama/Thriller

For those who think that a gargantuan budget, plenty of stunts and a timer bomb are all key ingredients for making a suspenseful thriller, this perfect little gem will astound you. When a screenwriter bumps into his old flame on a fateful research-orientated excursion, he decides to make right all his previous mistreatment of her. One big hurdle he has to overcome though is the husband. All this seem very domestically unremarkable we presume you're thinking, but we're unable to divulge more lest we spoil the film for you. We'll reveal though that this is one hell of a bite your nails thriller we didn't see coming. Satyajit Ray's films never fail to enlighten our pursuit to seek the best cinema has to offer. This is a benchmark set very high indeed and we have become full-fledged disciples of Ray's henceforth. You should too.


All about Kapurush


Shubhajit said…
Kapurush (The Coward) remains an underrated gem from Ray, as you right observed, and happens to be one of my favourite films. It was Ray's attempts at film noir, and the result was truly stunning.

It is a psychological drama of the first order, filled with fatalism, great usage of shadows and obliqye camera angles (including some extreme closeups & depth-of-field photography), wry cynicism, and has its share of a doomed coward hero and a cold, good looking lady.

Great writeup as always.
As fans of Ray's amazing body of work, it is indeed great to hear from another fan regarding this wonderful film.

Ray is that rare director who straddles beautifully both the artistic and dramatic sides of cinema. Even when showing us masterful camerawork or framing, he never loses sight of the storytelling. And yes indeed, this is sadly as underrated as can be. We hope more cineasts will watch this.

Maybe you can do a review of this too. We're sure you can encourage more people to see this with your writing skills and knowledge of cinema than we ever could. ;)