Man on Wire

Director - James Marsh

Genre - Documentary

A documentary about a man's love for walking on tightropes. Suspended high above skyscrapers! You may say that such a person is obviously not right in the head or that he doesn't value his life. As we viewed this, it became apparent to us that here is a man who only feels really alive when he is doing what he does best, even to the extend of alienating his friends and lover. One of the highlights here is our daredevil extraordinaire walking on a rope between the famous twin towers in America. This is a feat we'll never ever witness again as the towers no longer exist. Similarly, seeing a man up in the air high above the city skyscrapers as if he is walking on a dream-scape of his own making is just unbelievably beautiful.

3.5 STARS!

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I bought this film but I haven't seen it yet! I'm defiately going to watch it :) Great review!
Take a look at my film review blog if you get the chance!
LOUIS.C said…
hey there
i've read some of your blogs
I think they're fantastic and i thought this film was great.
I'm fifteen and are attempting and at the moment epically failing to start a film blog of my own.
so far I have a massive following of 7 which includes myself and my sister
I'm currently doing a piece on the films of Quentin Tarantino who i think is a brilliant genre-blending if occasionally empty director
i'll definetly be recommending this blog to all my friends and small following
feel free to check mine out if you've got the time
Hey Louis, thanks for stopping by and the comment. Good luck to you! :)