Director - Doze Niu

Genre - Drama

The world of cinema has had a long and fruitful love affair with the underworld. From crudely unsleek Tony Montana to Kitano's too cool for school gangsters, our fondness for these rebels who live on the outer ring of rules-following society stem from our own yearning to break free of authoritative constraints. In 'Monga', directed by actor/director Doze Niu, a young man named 'Mosquito' falls in with the wrong company and like us, is drawn into a love affair with all things explicitly illegal. Set in the 80's, there's a feeling of gleeful reminiscence when watching this. Violence and backstabbings occur like bees drawn to honey-pregnant flowers as with all secret societies but it is all done with such a sentimentalized, romanticized gloss that it came across as refreshing as a glass of lemonade on a scorching day. We feel special mention should be given to Ethan Yuan. He plays 'Monk' with such conviction and heartbreaking vulnerability we felt he anchored the whole movie with his presence. Similarly, its impressive cinematography and direction gets a shout-out too.


All about Monga


siutou_amy said…
woahhh, you liked it so much? I must check it out then xD
Thank you for the vote of confidence in regard to our taste. :) You have to watch this Amy. It is our biggest discovery for this year besides 'Kick-Ass'. Remember to tell us what you think about the movie later!

P.S. - Best of luck for your upcoming YAM site!