Ghost Town

Director - David Koepp

Genre - Comedy/Fantasy/Romance

Ricky Gervais steers this movie into safe waters with his charm. He is really the embodiment of a huge teddy bear here and you will feel like pinching his cheeks. The script of a dentist (Gervais) who undergoes surgery and as a result, sees the residents of Netherworld appear before him is funny for the most parts but runs out of steam slightly towards the end. Its problem lies in the romantic direction headed for by Téa Leoni and Gervais. Both of them seem ill-fitted for each other and the chemistry practically non-existent. Fortunately, the dialogues are witty and as we said earlier, Gervais is in the house and really, that is the only reason to watch this.


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Dan said…
I liked this one. It's a whole lot better than the terrible Invention of Lying.
Oh yeah? We haven't seen that one yet.