The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Director - Niels Arden Oplev

Genre - Crime/Drama/Mystery/Thriller

This is the first instalment of a 3-parter, adapted from a series of novels (Millennium Trilogy) by deceased Swedish writer Stieg Larsson. As a mystery thriller, it worked wonders that the film is mired in an atmosphere of believability. In breaking a case which was left unresolved 40 years ago, every move was carefully thought out. The whole process, as it should be, is very far removed from what you encounter in a Bruce Willis movie. Don't get us wrong here. There ARE plenty of action scenes and the violence isn't kept at arm's length either. The difference being, these occasions in the film are done with purpose, not because it turns on moviegoers every time a car goes flying in the air or when bad guy number 20's groin is shot to smithereens. Couple that with a heroine who is as fascinatingly complex and secretive as the story, this is the beginning of a trilogy we're waiting anxiously to complete.


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Shubhajit said…
Great to know that you loved the movie. I too was bowled over by its narrative brilliance, great character developments and superb performances, and had given an overwhelmingly positive response at my blog.
scudinreallife said…
i love this movie. it will definitely land on my top films seen this year.
Yeah. This is certainly enjoyable. It proved too that a good action thriller doesn't necessarily need well known actors and a big budget. Thanks for dropping by, buddies.