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Genre - Adventure/Drama/Mystery

Spanning 6 years and 6 magnificent seasons, this groundbreaking series had pushed the envelope of quality television to the very hilt. The creators of "Lost" had us totally engrossed and hungering for more from the very first scene, that of a commercial plane crashing on a mysterious island. When later we get to spend time with the group of survivors, it became clear to us that this wasn't regular TV. Everyone of the characters was as complex as can be, with their troubled past told in revealing flashbacks. The painstaking effort taken to build on characterisation is what made it stand out for us, a crucial factor many shows ('Heroes' being the one with the most unrealized potential) had chosen to neglect at peril. Thought-provoking and with every episode ending on an edge of your seat cliffhanger, "Lost" became part of our lives. Ingrained constantly in the back of our minds, it made us view other inferior TV shows with disdain. This is not only the best television series ever, it has elevated the benchmark of TV programming-often viewed as an unworthy opponent of the big screen, all the way to the uppermost pantheon of storytelling alongside cinema's finest.


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