The Social Network

Director - David Fincher

Genre - Biography/Drama

For those of you who want an accurate profiling of Mark Zuckerberg and how he really founded Facebook, wait for a documentary why don't you? We're fed up with people saying they won't watch this because it's probably an over-dramatization of Zuckerberg's life.'s a movie ain't it? We didn't hear these overnight historians complain when pictures like 'Troy' or 'Alexander' came out. Zuckerberg is painted here with layers of unflattering human flaws and it is through his interactions with friends and colleagues that we see what a conniving, mean prick he is. Whether the backstabbing, manipulative jerk portrayed here justifies the real person we have no idea. What we know is that David Fincher had made a cool film, equipped with a soundtrack which fits like a glove and this Jesse Eisenberg (the lead)?... We didn't know of him before this, but we sure do now. ADD this if you know what's good for you.

4.5 STARS!

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Shubhajit said…
An absolutely terrific film. I too had given a total thumbs up to it. Great review as always!
Yes it was just really finely tuned in alot of levels, wasn't it? Whether you end up hating or cheering on the screen Zuckerberg, he was still an interesting subject. Fincher is proving to be a force to reckon with in cinema.

Thank you for the compliment buddy. Coming from you it really means alot as you've been a reviewer we look up to always.
Hieu said…
Wouldn't be surprised if this sweeped the Academy Awards next year - it's an amazing film, really. The script provided by Aaron Sorkin is so punchy and full of exuberance.
Joseph said…
"We didn't hear these overnight historians complain when pictures like 'Troy' or 'Alexander' came out"

Sure they did. :) Bread and butter for the history channel.
Hieu - We hope so too. Fincher deserves an Oscar nod. Same goes for Jesse Eisenberg and the soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross.

Joseph - When we talked about 'Alexander' and 'Troy' it was in reference to friends of ours. We've always written from personal experience. We can see how this would be misinterpreted as ignorance about the history channel though. Well, you learn something new everyday, huh? Hopefully with a little help from those of you out there who are more discerning we will improve over time.

Thank you for your views and participation. Hope you still like our slightly unpolished but honest writing style enough to drop by again. :)
Dan said…
I've yet to see this one, when it first came out I somehow got the impression it was going to be rather dull - but everything I've heard since has gone against this so I'm kicking myself.
We don't even have a Facebook account yet we loved this. It is a story of a loner who took on the world. Zuckerberg whether or not you believe what is presented in the film seized and captured the rapt attention of many. It made them see and use the internet for social networking like never before. Just for this factor alone this movie to us is irresistible. Watch it before the next internet craze comes along.
CMrok93 said…
Snappy script, sharp editing, eerily perfect soundtrack and nuanced performances. One of the first films to articulate the psychological power and draw of the internet: what it feeds us and why we feed on it. Good Review!
Thank you. What you've articulated so well is exactly how we felt about the film. :)