El Topo

Director - Alejandro Jodorowsky

Genre - Adventure/Fantasy/Western

John Lennon was reported to have loved this and adored Jodorowsky. Whether this has anything to do with Lennon watching it when being as high as a kite is debatable. What we feel though is that this isn't Jodorowsky's best work. It is not as confident as his other pictures. Jodorowsky himself plays the lead here as a gunfighter who challenges various enemies to duel with him, in a pursuit to be the best there is. As his journey brings him closer to fruition, the glory he sought is no longer as apparent. 'El Topo' as he is called learns humility and is enlightened in the process. What we regret here is the lack of good acting in the part of 'El Topo' by Jodorowsky. The changes 'El Topo' goes through mentally should be felt deeply through his facial expressions and Jodorowsky is as wooden as an IKEA study table in that aspect. We did like his leather duds though. A cult film which will serve as a curious spectacle rather than a fine watch.

2.5 STARS!

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Ben said…
I kinda dug El Topo. It wasn't as spectacular as Santa Sangre, but it was living up to his imaginary.
CavedogRob said…
I have to tell you I really find El Topo quite fanscinating! There's no other movie like it!
We felt different, obviously. But that is quite normal in regards to his oeuvre. He incites us through very base, raw emotions. Sometimes these images excite us. Other times they repulse us. 'El Topo' had way too many scenes which put us off.
Ghedebrav said…
I was lucky enough to see this on the big screen at the NFT (alongside the singer from Napalm Death no less). It starts off phenomenally - I love the massacre scene (hopefully that doesn't sound too weird) and the various desert challenges - but it tails off a bit in second half. For me The Holy Mountain is a better film.
You're right about that. The script had no bite at all. It veered off without making any point. Execution was shoddy and the acting deplorable. Lennon had excellent taste in music, not movies evidently. :)
Movielocker said…
I loved this movie and my head didn´t stop spinning throughout- the energy and passion that is perceptible in every minute completely blew my mind. Watching the "Holy Mountain" afterwards I felt even more reminded of Barney´s "Cremaster Cycle"- always nice to find origins...
Thanks for the review and feel free to visit the blog I´m writing for-
All the best,
Hey, thanks for stopping by Sebastian. Keep up the good work too. :)