The Human Centipede

Director - Tom Six

Genre - Horror/Thriller

There are those amongst us who are capable of doing evil, horrific deeds. This may be a fictional story but for us it represents a culmination of all the worst, beastly nature inherent in our depilated society. In this film, a genius surgeon decides to create a new breed of life, naming it 'The Human Centipede'. Holding two attractive girls and a Japanese businessman hostage to do with as he pleases, this mad doctor begins his experiment, realizing his terrifying imagination little by little to the horror of his guests of (dis)honor. We are not exactly fans of gore and mindless bloodletting but let us assure you that Tom Six the director did an amazing job here, pulling back the violence when necessary and letting it reign when it counts. In short, this is a classy take on a subject which if left in the wrong hands, would turn as vile as stepping on a pile of fresh vomit. Here, we felt that we were always in safe hands, that the director knew exactly what he was setting us up for. Dieter Laser the actor who played said villain was suitably creepy too, with a face which will scare away even the most ferocious canines.


All about The Human Centipede


This film has 0 character development and many serious plot-holes. How exactly does the doctor get his centipede around the house, especially up a spiral staircase, and if they could move the entire time, why didn't they escape?
We hear you. We just don't care about the issues you've mentioned.

This is not a movie we would scrutinize and analyze over. Did it make perfect sense? Of course not. But then, a lot of movies out there are not logically sound either. We ordered 'Human Centipede' and we got 'Human Centipede'. You can't say this movie misled you or that it's false advertising. It is exactly what the title said. Sometimes, that is enough. Character development and airtight plots are never the main draw of titles like 'Human Centipede'. The direction was impressive, it made the hairs on our backs stand and the acting ain't half bad. How is that so awful?