Vivre sa vie

Director - Jean-Luc Godard

Genre - Drama

Starring Anna Karina, who was married to Godard at that time, this is a moving, real as nails picture about a girl slowly falling into the inescapable grasp of vice's long claws. Our attentions were unshaken as Godard let his love and muse command the screen with her graceful beauty. It was almost unbearably discomfiting when we see Nana (Anna Karina) gets more and more desperate, her soul replaced by nothingness. A life snuffed out little by little at the mercy of society's indifference. Godard's direction is masterful without being overbearing, stamping his mark all over the reels without surrendering the story. More than any other pictures about the plight of hookers, this Godard masterpiece is the most haunting, most unrelenting in its pursuit of telling it as it is.


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