3-4 x Jûgatsu

Director - Takeshi Kitano

Genre - Action/Comedy/Crime

Kitano's movies never really did it for us. He tends to direct pictures which are excruciatingly slow and the characters are always annoyingly uncommunicative. This one however, surprisingly, we liked. Written by Kitano himself, the script is about a petrol station attendant who pissed off some Yakuza gang members. Life for him takes a dip in the lower rungs of hell as the Yakuzas won't leave him alone. Kitano's sentiment and take on Japan's underworld here mostly comes off as being filled with disdain. They are shown in a very bad light with most of them being bungling fools or just plain dumb. It is also the funniest Kitano film we've ever witnessed, with Kitano himself providing most of the laughs by being an eccentric, possibly gay gangster. This is the opposite end of 'Godfather' and 'Goodfellas'. It is the other side of gangsta cool. And we totally dug it.


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