The Man Who Fell To Earth

Director - Nicolas Roeg

Genre - Sci-Fi/Drama

This has all the hallmarks of a bad movie. An irreverent script and wooden acting by its cast especially one by the name of David Bowie (screen debut) should have hurt this film to its core. Remarkably, it still presents an interesting watch because of good editing, unique cinematography and lastly, Bowie despite his inability to act. Playing an alien who assumes the role of a big conglomerate titan, he is visually suitable mainly because of his own physical oddity. Making out of this world music, gaunt and gazelle-like with his left eye a different color from his right one, Bowie in real life is already like an alien. The ultimate clincher for us though is the off the cuff cinematography, turning this 'should be bad film' into a work of unrestrained artistic release outside the usual realm of what counts as a good picture.

3.5 STARS!

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Ben said…
Good review. Some of those iconic 70's movie like Shaft or Mad Max can wear you down with bad acting, but they were doing things so differently back then, outside the Hollywood format, that it never grows out.
You're right about that Ben. Movies made during those years were more daring somehow. They were made without the consideration of a system promoting commercialism. A prime example of a film like that is 'Apocalypse Now'.

Thanks for dropping in.
Visual Velocity said…
Bowie definitely has that weird, out of this world vibe going on.
Bowie made the film unique, that's for sure. Can't think of anyone else who would fit in this role. Marilyn Manson is too scary.