127 Hours

Director - Danny Boyle

Genre - Adventure/Drama/Thriller

Danny Boyle is a director who likes to challenge himself with different genres and situations and we have tremendous respect for him based on that. Every one of his films have not been similarly threaded. James Franco is Aron Ralston in this picture based on a real, unfortunate incident involving Ralston. A mountain climber/free spirit, Ralston is the kind of happy go lucky daredevil you wish you were but were too afraid to be. Then one day, Ralston makes a wrong move and you wish you never, ever end up like him. On one of his adventures, Ralston is literally caught between a rock and a hard place. Stuck and with not nearly enough provisions to sustain his life, he has to summon all his strength and will to live. Battling with nature's a bitch and he is trapped in a place far from civilization. Boyle's direction of a movie consisting predominantly of only one man talking to himself is as invigorating as one with a cast of thousands. James Franco will go a long way in this business judging by his fearless acting here. A story which imparts on us the need to cherish being alive.


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Ben said…
Danny Boyle has broken my heart more than once, but Slumdog Millionaire was the last straw for me. Plus, James Franco plays in it. Got nothing but good reviews from people, but I have something against movies who yell: "I WILL TEACH YOU A LIFE LESSON YOU UNCARING S.O.B"
Broke your heart? Aaawwww...that's terrible. Well, we hate directors who feel the need to teach us life lessons through their movies too. But then, we've never ever thought of Danny Boyle in that way. Steven Spielberg and Peter Weir yes, but Boyle's pictures have never gone down that route. 'Slumdog' was a love story. It wasn't trying to teach us anything. Come on. Now 'Dead Poets Society', 'The Color Purple' and 'Schindler's List'...those are films that try very hard to shove plenty of good values down our throats.
Dan O. said…
The film makes Ralston’s decision as something that anyone else would have decided for themselves. The god-like image is stripped bare as he downgrades himself, calling himself stupid in the Good Morning Boulder sequence. Nonetheless, great story and it was Franco’s story to tell. Good Review!
Thanks. We really liked the story because it was simple yet poignant. To keep on living, sometimes we have to give up things that matter to us. Ralston was unfortunate to lose a limb but he still can keep on living. For most of us, that is something we take for granted. For him, it was all that mattered.
Visual Velocity said…
Haven't seen this one yet, but I hope 127 Hours is no Slumdog Millionaire. I'm not a big fan of that movie (love the soundtrack, though).
This is an altogether different film. We liked 'Slumdog'. Nothing wrong with a good romance. :)
Castor said…
Great movie, I gave this 2nd and 3rd watch this weekend and I still like it as much as the first time. James Franco is absolutely great and this is so much more than a movie about a dude cutting off his own arm.
Couldn't agree more. It is a movie about survival and the price of life.

After viewing this, we'll all appreciate our lives a little more than we used to. Well, for a while anyway. Sometimes we get sidetracked by the events in our lives which we deem as too much to bear and we fail to acknowledge there are worse happenings out there in the world. Ralston is a person who values his life, really value it upon anything else. Pain is fleeting. Life will bear fruit if you treasure it. If only we keep that in mind all the time, for the rest of our lives.

The soundtrack by A.R.Rahman is excellent as well. Our gratitude for dropping words here in our humble blog. :)