Wings of Desire

Director - Wim Wenders

Genre - Fantasy/Drama/Romance

Angels could have lent their hands in the making of this film as it is absolutely heaven-sent. A work of art to be savored for years and years to come. Wim Wenders the German auteur directed this so lovingly, so full of care that it shows in every reel, its impact on the landscape of cinema permanently etched in black and white. As the picture opens, we are offered an intrusive, voyeuristic look into the lives of random city folks going about their daily routines, all through the lens of the gently sweeping camera. This then reveals itself to be the eyes of two angels who are studying the mortals, absorbing whatever knowledge they can gather from constant observation. The angels are feeling listless as they want to participate fully in the actual task of being humans. They want to eat, play, make love, experience pain, happiness and dejection just as we do. And just like that, the story takes flight. You can say our undying love for cinema is cultivated and sustained on motion pictures like 'Wings of Desire'. It represents all the possibilities of cinema, going way and beyond being merely for entertainment. This is a soul-stirring, life-affirming experience.


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siutou_amy said…
I have a confession to make about this movie. xD My roomate at the time had bought it - before watching, as all film students do - and we sat to watch it, and we both fell asleep. LOL

I almost have this films listed... alongside Wings of Desire, there's also Adaptation, Maboroshi, The Cell and Meet Joe Black. LOL

Though I'm intending to watch Wings, Adaptation and Maboroshi sometime once complete one of these days.
Ben said…
I'm not too big on Wenders. I was touched by the shattering ending of "Paris,Texas" but to me, everything he did afterward was pale in comparison. Wings Of Desire had something too neato for me. I like it when its raw and it hurts (in a completely non-porno context)
Ben - Neato? Haha. least you didn't say it was bad. Or that it made you sleep. We'll get to you in awhile on that, Amy. We love raw movies too Ben. The thing is, 'Wings' is about angels. Perfect creatures made by God. In that context, it makes perfect sense that the film is sort of neat and otherworldly. But of course, your view of it is by all means your own justified preference. Thank you for your comment. We look forward to hearing more from you.

Amy - You broke our hearts Amy. How could you? Made you sleep? And you lumped it together with 'Meet Joe Black', 'Adaptation' and 'The Cell'? What in the world is a 'Maboroshi'?? :) At least Ben thought of a nice way to break to us what he thought. He said it was neato. He took the trouble and broke it to us gently, unlike you. And he's new to our blog. Sweet Amy, have you turned into the Black Swan perhaps? ;)
amy said…
LOL, you can't blame a 17-year-old me.

And I meant Koreeda's Maborosi. I've tried to watch that film 3 times already, but it always get me sleepy. I have no idea why.

I must do a post about this sort of confession.
Visual Velocity said…
This is one of the most beautifully photographed film I've ever seen. Very lyrical.