Pinoy Sunday

Director - Ho Wi Ding

Genre - Comedy/Drama

Malaysian director Ho Wi Ding proves his mettle with this exceptional independent feature. Set in Taiwan, Ho's movie is about the lives of Filipinos working as manual labor and domestic help in the country. The story picks up and hits the road with two Filipinos who's friendship is tested by twists of unfortunate fate which seem to latch onto them with no mercy. Funny and blessed with the ability of being able to provide an insightful look into the lives of those who have to sacrifice being away from their homeland in order to earn a decent living, this is not your usual "make do with the pitiful budget and just try to make it look artsy" type of indie. It isn't easy to direct a film in a foreign land using a cast (very natural, capable acting) who speak in an entirely different tongue from yet another country. Ho Wi Ding did just that and hats off to him. Heroes of the indie movement should be celebrated and we're hoping he hears our toast of approval.


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Visual Velocity said…
Two of the actors (Bayani Agbayani and Jeffrey Quizon) are from my country. It's nice to see them doing a foreign film. The film only had a limited run in Cinemalaya, a local film festival. I hope they screen it again this year.
Are those two actors well known in your country? Anyway, thanks for dropping in. We hope to hear more from you and your thoughts on movies.
Will said…
Very nice review. Yes, Bayani and Jeffrey are well-known here. I would love to see this one someday. I hope I can get my hands on a copy.
Thanks for the info Will. Hope you'll get a copy asap. :)
Awesome review. I haven't heard of this movie but I'm definitely interested in checking it out.
Yeah Zena, you should check it out. Thanks for dropping in.