Pride and Glory

Director - Gavin O'Connor

Genre - Crime/Drama/Thriller

A cop drama which pretty much went under the radar, failing to pique the interest of both critics and moviegoers. The presence of Edward Norton and Colin Farrell made it watchable but when the dust settled, what we have here is something the world of cinema has seen a thousand times before. Bad cops take money on the side, something unfortunate happens, blowing the lid off the whole shady operation and in comes good cop to save the day. Farrell got the role of a cop who cooperated with drug dealers for dirty dead presidents and Norton is the clean detective. It would've been better we feel if Norton were to play the officer on the dark side rather than Farrell. If they were to switch roles, it would've been more interesting. We love Colin Farrell but his bad boy act is getting, truthfully speaking, quite stale and repetitive.

2.5 STARS!

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