Director - Jean-Luc Godard

Genre - Drama

The title of this picture could be in reference to what Godard feels towards conventional, mass-produced cinema. It could be the feeling of Bardot's character towards her husband (Michel Piccoli) and vice versa. This is something that is meant to be experienced atmospherically and aesthetically, like a painting coming to life, talking to you. All through the film, we see Bardot in various stages of undress. Her sensuality is undeniable, exquisite. You can feel that Godard the director is obsessed with her just as Jack Palance (playing a contemptible producer) and her husband are. She is unattainable, a tease and a goddess all in one. Just like the perfection in art which all artists strive to create, we will never possess her. We feel Godard's love of women drives him to make movies and this is one of his many odes to Eve.


All about Contempt


CavedogRob said…
And any movie that has Jack Palance acting in the same scene with Fritz Lang has got something going for it! Lol!
Haha. Yeah that's very true. Godard's full of surprises. Hard to find another director who operates at his unique level. It is almost as if he was born with cinema in his blood.

Thank you for your comment Rob!
CavedogRob said…
Yes, that is true. Along with Kubrick I classify him as a "mad genius"!