The Town

Director - Ben Affleck

Genre - Crime/Drama/Thriller

If this is Ben Affleck's way of saying his 'Gone Baby Gone' wasn't just a fluke, he has proven his point without a doubt. What is worth mentioning here is that Affleck's skills and swagger as a director feels as if he has been doing it for as long as Clint Eastwood. And this is only Affleck's second picture! By playing the lead in this story about a gang of bank robbers who find their source of livelihood precariously compromised when their leader (Ben Affleck) makes a decision of the heart which affects everyone, Affleck has also given himself a golden opportunity to shine as an actor. While he didn't exactly make the cut here as a formidable actor, it is quite adequate given that this is a heist film, not heavy drama. Jeremy Renner is menacing as one of the robbers though and is half of the anchor alongside an always believable hall in grounding the film. We noticed Affleck has a knack for making action scenes look realistic and fresh. This is something that we appreciate very much as sometimes action scenes are shot with so much disregard for ingenuity we find it hard to watch on.


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I don't love the film, at times it feels so overly sedate that it's almost bland but Renne does well in it.
Overly sedate? Granted it's not action driven all the way but that's quite harsh. Besides, we love it simply because it wasn't the typical heist movie. It had something unique.

Thank you for your valuable opinion though Andrew. We hope to hear more from you on other movies we've reviewed.
Pseudo 6-Man said…
It's a good old fashioned crime drama and a very good one. Not the greatest thing ever but very enjoyable. I'm looking forward to what Affleck does next.
Yeah, we're looking forward to his next picture too.
KennethD said…
I was impressed by the Town. Your right 1MFR, you'd think Afflek has been directing for much longer than he has.
He did his part very well too I'd say. I really was in heart with his character. And the girl form the bank who he got involved with (can't think of her name), I thought she was a compelling presence. The writers did a good job (did Afflek write the show?) tying the plot together, I was wondering how or if she would ever find out he was her captor.

Paralleling him with Clint Eastwood though, eh, I wouldn't go that far.

Ben Affleck has the potential to be a great director definitely. Thank you for your comment Ken.
pturner1010 said…
Agreed. It's 2 out of 2 for Affleck the director. Let's see if he can pull out a hat-trick!