In A Better World

Director - Susanne Bier

Genre - Drama/Thriller

We only need to look at the younger generation today in order to gauge our future. Miles apart from the innocence of our parents and grandparents in terms of using violence to solve problems, youths today will resort to blood and weapons at the drop of a slight. Susanne Bier's film is a heart-pounding, mind-wrenching look at how our children have run away from us, from the warmth and love we seek to provide for them but continue to elude even ourselves. The characters here are not merely representations of me and you, they mirror what is happening around the world this moment. The film itself and its powerful story show us what is wrong with society today. Are we to leave our children be or find a way to end the madness? We can't afford to turn a blind eye anymore.

4.5 STARS!

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CavedogRob said…
I never heard of this film but it sounds interesting.Thanks for posting about it!
No problem Rob, you should check it out asap! :)