Rakht Charitra

Director - Ram Gopal Varma

Genre - Action/Biography/Crime

After 'The Godfather' trilogy introduced us to an underworld of cool and charismatic gangsters, we were left hungering for more of the same, that feeling of blind adulation for criminals which feed our need to be one of the bad boys on the wrong side of the tracks. If not in real life, we reasoned, might we not have our pie in reel life? Ram Gopal Varma's intense gangster drama has lighted, ignited and blazed the trail for our illicit love affair to begin again. And oh my...what a collection of terrifying, bloodcurdling gangsters these turned out to be! We were most impressed with Vivek Oberoi. Playing the leading role of Pratap Ravi, his devilishly suave demeanor reminds us of a young Pacino as Michael Corleone. Those certainly are big shoes to fill but we feel Vivek more than held his own. We can't wait for Part 2!


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