Winter's Bone

Director - Debra Granik

Genre - Drama/Mystery/Thriller

Praised to the clouds and given considerable recognition by critics, we expected much from this indie. Unfortunately, it is not as incredible as it is made out to be. Jennifer Lawrence is certainly the best thing about this movie and will hopefully come out unscathed from playing 'Mystique' in 'X-Men: First Class'. Strong-willed, stubborn, full of spunk, her role here as a young girl who has to take care of her even younger siblings when her dad ran afoul of something terrible and lost their house as a result is what pulls you in to watch this movie. Alas, the thriller we were promised went missing in action and we were left waiting for the pay-off at the end. Obviously, the critics see more to this than us. We'd like to be enlightened as to what this could be as well.

2.5 STARS!

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Visual Velocity said…
Heard a lot of good stuff about this film. I have a copy, but haven't seen it yet. Will probably watch within the week. I have a strong feeling I'll like it.
We didn't really get it. The movie lacked a good story and the execution was kinda wishy washy. We would have liked for it to be more of a thriller and less of a 'plight of a poor girl'. Jennifer Lawrence took her role and ran with it though. That more than anything in the film pulled it together.

Thank you for dropping by and we'll be pleased as peach to hear what your thoughts are once you've seen it.
Ben said…
If you got in there expecting a thriller, I can understand you were disappointed. It's noir. WINTER'S BONE is about depicting the grim reality of the poor regions in the midwest. I thought John Hawkes was fantastic as Uncle Teardrop. It's deliberately slow paced. Anyway, I'm just glad you gave it a go.
It was set up like a thriller. We felt cheated almost when it went off in another direction. The trailer made it seem mysterious too. Anyway, we don't hate it.

Thank you for the comment, Ben.