Gran Torino

Director - Clint Eastwood

Genre - Drama

Clint Eastwood discards most of his tough guy image to play a grumpy geezer who lives alone with no time for socializing. Things begin to change when he takes an interest in the well-being of his next door neighbor's young son. A victim of gang members, the kid is taken under the protective wings of Eastwood's character who angers the hoodlums enough that they declare war on him. In a similar vein as Eastwood's masterstroke, 'Unforgiven', this film is an allegory on the affect of revenge on those who are embroiled in its fiery pursuit. It is as if by making these stories, Eastwood who in his heyday projected the act of violence as cool and righteous is actually making amends by showing the other side of it. And as the poster boy of 'shoot first, talk later' in a previous life, he is ironically the perfect candidate to turn the tables on being trigger happy in films as well as in real life. Give peace a chance, Eastwood seems to be saying. Now if the rest of the world complies it would really make his day.


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Ben said…
Loved the movie. Thought it was a cool, sensitive way to expose the reality of old people, while keeping the Eastwood edge.
Yeah. We agree totally. The movie enabled Eastwood to make some very poignant comments on the deplorable state of society too. Youngsters nowadays aren't as innocent as in his days. We feel this is Eastwood's way of saying, "what the hell went wrong?".

We thank you for your comment also Ben.
I loved this movie! I have to agree with both of you that Eastwood made some edgy comments, but, hey, that's what many are thinking!
Thank you. Eastwood is already a legend as an actor. The movies he directed will place him on the road to become a legend in the field of direction too.
Aguilar Elliot said…
interesting observation on the career of Eastwood. he's one of the greats!
That he is. A one of a kind American class act.
Katchup Mag said…
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You can email to us at Thanks.