Knife In The Water

Director - Roman Polanski

Genre - Drama

Roman Polanski's debut as a director is really attention-grabbing. Set on a yacht for most of its duration, the movie is constantly kinetic and hypnotic to watch. A well to do couple asks a young, lone traveler to go sailing with them, setting the ensuing tension-filled drama which will keep you glued to your seat. Critics have said this film contains spades of suspense but don't expect the kind which is electrifying and jolts you out of your couch. The suspense here comes rather from a social disconnection between people with differing views. A friction of personalities rubbed together too hard. Sometimes, as shown astutely by Polanski here, the result of the latter can be more unnerving and interesting. Shot like a black and white junkie's dream as well.



Haidée said…
looks a really good movie :)
Hi Haidee, give it a try and tell us how you think! :)