Director - Pascal Laugier

Genre - Horror/Thriller

The cinematography in this film is handled with panache and the acting by two of its leading actresses commendable. Those are the key points which made viewing it bearable in a very minimal way. If you're looking for a credible or entertaining story however, please give this a pass. Torturous and stomach-churning to watch for even the most seasoned gore flick lover, we had to endure scene of inexcusable, irresponsible violence. There are ways to show violence in a more clever, audience-friendly method as in 'The Human Centipede'. Most of you must be thinking we've gone mad depicting Tom Six's perverse virtuoso as being friendly to viewers but if put in comparison with this, it really is. So there you have it. Our take on a putrid piece of cinematic poison.


All about Martyrs


Ben said…
I absolutely LOVED the first hour, it was so difficult, depicting the nightmares of child abuse and mental breakdown. Second part was of lesser quality though. It almost turned into a sexploitation flcik
Very true. The second part made us sick. So sick we found the movie unbearably terrible. It was an experience we don't ever want to be a part of again. This movie should be banned!

Thank you for dropping in Ben.