Director - Tony Goldwyn

Genre - Biography/Drama

Sam Rockwell plays a wrongly convicted person in a law drama which plays all its cards right. Innocent man - check. Corrupt system - check. Vindication in the end - check. When a courtroom picture takes all these into consideration and is based on a true story to boot, it's highly unlikely that it won't appeal to the general audience. We ourselves admittedly, have a strong liking for movies like 'Hurricane' where the person who is wrongly put in jail makes it out and justice is finally served. In 'Conviction', the selfless advocate of the poor bastard is his own sister (Hilary Swank) who studied law so she could become a lawyer and get her brother out for Christ sakes! That alone upped the tear-tugging factor and watchability a hundred notches.

3.5 STARS!

All about Conviction