Director - Nicolas Winding Refn

Genre - Crime/Drama/Thriller

Set in an 80's vibe with a pulsating mood-driven soundtrack by Cliff Martinez (we thought it was composed by Angelo Badalamenti at first), this Nicolas Winding Refn vehicle incorporates arthouse sensibility within the genre of action drama. Ryan Gosling plays a stunt driver who occasionally drives the getaway car for robbers. His enclosed world starts to overturn when he falls in love with his neighbor (Carey Mulligan). When her deadbeat husband comes back into her life, our hero is forced to make some of the hardest decisions ever in his life. Ron Perlman and Albert Brooks (playing well against type) are the quintessential thorns in his side, their presence symbolizing bad omens forever waiting to throw his life into the bowels of damnation. There are so many reasons why we love this film we don't even know where to begin. Let's just say everything that could go right in a movie did here, and everything that could go wrong didn't. Oh, and Gosling is so irresistibly cool in this he quite possibly could kick start a trend with toothpicks!


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Hieu said…
When was it established that the film was set in the 80s? Not attacking you or anything, I mean, I feel like the film definitely felt like a product of the 80s but it never registered with me that the film said it was based in the 80s. :S
What looks like a duck...? You caught us on a technical error here Hieu. But seriously, it couldn't be any other decade other than the 80's, could it? Come on...the clothing, the hair, the music...
I saw this at the LA Movie Competition on a large display with flourishing loudspeakers. The popular music only creates this film more exclusive. It is different and synchronized completely with the TRULY wonderful cinematography.
Dreadnaught said…
drive was epic. solid and awesome movie. great choice for the lead actor also. I wish more movies went in this route.

followed. keep it up
Yes this is one of our top picks for the year.Thank you for the support.
Rafael said…
Great movie. Probably my favorite from 2011. Gosling is my hope for the future, when all present great actors will be long gone.