Let Me In

Director - Matt Reeves

Genre - Drama/Fantasy/Horror

After watching the original 'Let The Right One In', we were a lil' skeptical when it was announced that the story would be given an American treatment. The inclusion of Chloe Grace Moretz in the cast gave us hope though and we dived in. The verdict? We're glad to announce that this is just as good as the original. Goes to show that with the right cast and a story which begs retelling, lightning can and will actually hit twice. While the Swedish version was more of a slow burn which practically exploded sky high at the end, this one maintains an on the edge quality throughout. The brutally violent air which peeked out on occasions in the Swedish version is let out to roam freely here, with a rhythm which is faster and more pronounced. Like a Beatles song, a good story CAN be given a lil' tweak and still be just as great. But if you don't know who the Beatles are and don't get the reference, go back to listening Britney Spears and watching movies like Final Destination 10.


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pturner1010 said…
One of the better Hollywood remakes. With this and Cloverfield, Matt Reeves is definitely one to watch.
Shubhajit said…
Great to know you liked the movie. I too have similar reservations about Let Me In, having watched the brilliant Let the Right One In. Thankfully, for once, American producers didn't try to impinge upon the inherent beauty of the Swedish original by trying to convert it into a typical blockbustor. Great review as always!
pturner1010 - Yes. We do agree with you that Matt Reeves deserves paying attention to. Cloverfield was definitely no lightweight either. Thank you for the comment, Turner.

Shubhajit - Great to know you liked it too. We were definitely surprised that it was so good. And this film was done in such a short span from the original! An audacious move by Matt Reeves which tells us this director isn't lacking in the confidence department at all. Think about it. Not many would have taken the challenge. Thank you for the visit, buddy. You keep us going! :)
pturner1010 said…
Be interesing to see how Fincher's remake of Dargon Tattoo fares against the original. Still a shame great directors don't stick to original material though.
Truth be told, we didn't like the 2nd and 3rd part of the Millennium trilogy. The 1st part had an intriguing 'whodunit' story. The subsequent movies were weak in the story department. It just went on and on. The ending just felt flat after all the build up.
pturner1010 said…
Interesting, I was the other way round, didn't really get the fuss about the first then found the 2nd and 3rd better!