Director - Kenneth Branagh

Genre - Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this is his first foray into commercial film-making. Previously, Branagh was mostly known for bringing adaptations of Shakespeare's plays such as 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'Hamlet' to the screen. Although 'Thor' is a God with mythical leanings and his background story is indeed very Shakespearean-like, this is still a huge departure for Branagh. The world in which Thor lives serve well to transport our minds in tandem with the story's progression. We often shoot down the use of CGI but in here, the imagery constructed is wondrously captivating. Resembling a Greek or Shakespearean tragedy amped up with otherworldly disbursement of comic bravado, Branagh has turned the Superhero genre into something with more bite. Thor is a God amongst mortals, and in Branagh's hands, this distinction from the rest of Marvel's and DC's universe of Superheroes is clear. Maybe 'Superman' stood a chance of competing with such an invincible Avenger, but in the big screen at least, that possibility had already ceased to be with the 'Superman' franchise being quite dead in the water. Oh, did we mention that this movie is mighty entertaining as well?

3.5 STARS!

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Mike said…
I really didn't like it all that much...not bad, but not great!
Dan O. said…
Fun film and one that really had me glad that they made a Thor film after all. Good review.
Mike - What can we say? At least you didn't hate it. Hah.

Dan - Yeah, and that it was directed by Branagh. It entertained us. Comic brought to life in the truest sense.
I took a very pleasurable amaze with Thor, and I can suggest it as a very excellent re-invention of a challenging to deal with hero. It might not be an excellent movie, but it definitely created me have enjoyable.
Anton said…
I didn't like it either - only the Guardian was fun, the rest was pretty boring
We appreciate your opinion on this. Thank you for the comment.