Director - Steven Soderbergh

Genre - Drama/Thriller

Increasingly prolific director Steven Soderbergh has been surprising us at every turn throughout his career. Confidently taking on all kinds of genres, he has shown a fearless ability to take on any challenge. 'Contagion' is a thriller which is built on a very plausible, palpable subject. What happened to the characters (played by a huge collection of stars) could very well happen to any one of us. Soderbergh deftly used this vulnerability, this horror in our minds of being attacked by an unseen enemy to manipulate our emotions. Clever editing and carefully placed flashbacks served hand in hand to produce the desired results. The soundtrack was instrumental too, injecting an especially urgent atmosphere to the whole story. You will come out of this feeling a deep appreciation for medical personnel too, who honorably put their lives in constant danger here. We believe there are those non-fiction ones who are just as noble. God bless them and their angel hearts.


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Dan O. said…
Contagion becomes a battle between what it is and what it could have been. It satisfies just enough to warrant its existence while frustrating one with its potential. Nice review.
Thank you Dan. What you said is our sentiments exactly - for 'Che'. For us, that movie could've been so much more. It was such a missed opportunity because Del Toro was perfect as Guevara.