The Help

Director - Tate Taylor

Genre - Drama

First impression was that this picture would be in the vein of 'The Color Purple'. You know the drill by heart now. African Americans (colored people then) treated with discrimination and how these people rise above all that. Well, we're not wrong with that perception, but then we're still pleasantly surprised by how well-made it is. The acting by Viola Davis is so truthful, the emotions she displayed on her face so raw it's no wonder why she was selected as a nominee in the Oscars. The other woman, Octavia Spencer (another nominee), was a joy to watch, her sassy talk and easy-going demeanor cutting through the heavy topic like a breath of fresh mint. When an aspiring writer played by Emma Stone decided to write a story on colored maids, her collection of horror stories related by these maids created a storm of anger in the White community. The script doesn't stray too far from movies of this ilk as we've mentioned. The difference though, is in the ensemble cast of women who played their roles well (with Davis being the standout). Who doesn't like an inspirational tale of hope? One more thing - you won't think of pies quite the same way after this. Particularly, chocolate pie.


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amy said…
There's really a lot of unnecessary hate for this movie calling it racist. It's almost as if we'd seen different movies...

Glad you liked it ;)
Racist? Who said that? That's just crazy. We're glad Octavia Spencer won for her role. Tears welled up in our eyes when she went up for her award. Her acting was natural, funny and dignified at the same time. As for the people who said this movie is racist, they can eat our ***!!