The Steel Helmet

Director - Samuel Fuller

Genre - Action/Drama/War

Samuel Fuller was one of those old school filmmakers who made movies shot with straightforward, no frills manner. His scripts and content are often altogether unconventional for its times though. Subversive and controversial, they often ensure the director stayed well outside the Hollywood system. This picture's dialogue were so uncompromising it drew the attention of the FBI. Sergeant Zack is a no nonsense, hard as nails soldier with a heavy cross to bear. When he joins a lost infantry outfit of young and green men, an uneasy discomfort begin to form in the air, his scruffy ways of warfare rubbing off on the greenhorns like sandpaper to smooth baby bums. Packed with manly, gruff and puff action scenes, this is a war movie which hold no punches.

3.5 STARS!

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CavedogRob said…
Being a big fan of Fuller I love this movie. Thanks for reviewing it!
Thanks for your comment Rob!