Director - Tom Tykwer

Genre - Comedy/Drama/Romance

Directed by 'Run Lola Run's Tom Tykwer, this movie lets you in on the lives of three adults who don't adhere to the rules of a conventional relationship. There are repercussions when you don't have a set of values or principles when in love. Anything goes is for the animals. The characters in this engaging story extoll the fun of being open to sexual awakenings regardless of the consequences. For those of you who lead safe and straight lives, it may come as a jolt to your sensibilities. For us, we liked the humor in the unlikeliest of places, the dramatics of love taken out of context so much so it became comical and not at all romantic. In short, it became primal, base and repugnant. So those of you who are still holding hands and locking lips with saccharine affection, stay far away.


All about 3


CCBuzz said…
I love all works made by this director so this one is on my list to watch too.