All Good Things

Director - Andrew Jarecki

Genre - Crime/Drama/Mystery

Based on a true story, this movie stars Ryan Gosling (as the son of a very wealthy man) who may or may not have a hand in the disappearance of his wife, played by Kirsten Dunst. While it is always compelling to watch Gosling, this just didn't do anything for us. The direction was unimaginative and almost put us to sleep if not for Gosling's turn as a man with a hidden mental condition. Playing the wife who takes the brunt of this winning personality, Dunst doesn't surprise us much with her role. Heck, Jennifer Lopez could've played the part. The battered wife isn't a character most of us come up with when we're bantering about commendable female characters. Anyway, the cliches run deep in this made for TV-like film and we're not shocked at all why it is largely ignored by the critics and public.

2.5 STARS!

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