Director - Lee Chang-Dong

Genre - Drama/Romance

A unique and unusual experience awaits anyone who stumbles upon this picture. The unlikeliest of romance occurs when an ex-convict falls for a special needs girl. Frowned on by society, we witness how their enclosed world is so much more purer and untainted by hypocrisy compared to the outside world. Moon So-Ri the lead actress was so spot on in her portrayal we thought at first that she was indeed a special needs person in real life. This performance is just phenomenal. Not many actresses would be as courageous and as unselfconscious about their looks as her. We declare her one of the best actresses we've ever encountered based on this emotionally draining and physically taxing performance. It is the kind of acting which doesn't just move you, it shakes you to your inner core and takes you out of your comfort zone. This is our first introduction to director Lee Chang-Dong. We're confident this master of filmmaking has a lot more to offer and we're sure this student-teacher relationship will continue to bloom beautifully. The memory of this movie has ingrained itself deep in the corners of our minds marked arthouse masterclass.


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