Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Director - Lasse Hallström

Genre - Drama/Family

This is a lesson in love and we are forever indebted to this canine 'Hachiko' named after the figure eight (8) in Japanese for teaching it to us. Based on a true story which occurred in Japan circa 1920's, this little film starring Richard Gere (an actor who steadfastly refuse to be washed up) crept up on us and took us by complete surprise. We tried to withstand its powerful grip on our emotions but it was futile. Tissues and handkerchiefs weren't even enough to stem the tide of what this did to us. We had to find someone to talk to immediately after. Might even have to start a small support group with those who are similarly affected so we can pull through. Any of you out there? Please? We need HELP.

~In loving memory of Kangoo~


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