The Iron Giant

Director - Brad Bird

Genre - Animation/Action/Adventure

It is hard to pinpoint the exact moment when animation broke out of its box and became so much more. Japanese anime artists with their wildly inventive ways and Pixar with their technology know how and plain good storytelling have certainly pushed the envelope. 'The Iron Giant' stands proudly with the best of cinema, its grasp of human emotions and courage in direction as good as if not better than most films using real actors and real locations. A strong anti-violence message is prevalent in the script too, showing mankind's tendency for war rather than peace in all its ugliness. Brad Bird didn't just direct an animated feature here. For us, he actually performed a miracle of sorts. He made us old geezers feel hopeful and willing to believe again.


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CavedogRob said…
Yay! Us old lovers of giant robots say: "Iron Giant Rules"!!
Loved this film, it was becuase of the iron giant that i actually began to like arts and crafts. Keep up the good work dude, loving it!
Thank you for your comment ;)
Liam and Pearl said…
Liam Says: OMG! The last time I saw this film was in year 8 in secondary school. Forgot how great it was.