Director - Kaushik Mukherjee aka Q

Genre - Drama

This small but explosive film from the director known as Q changes everything we've ever deduced about Indian cinema. Blunt, provocative and with a tip of the hat towards arthouse cool, it is a movie which will confound and outrage those who are weened on the soothing confines of Bollywood. Featuring the life of a self-taught rapper with a talent so obvious to the viewer but remained undiscovered by and large throughout the film, the joy of watching this boy's life is in the feeling of being privy to something illicit and without the knowledge of those around us. This is its exclusive gift to us. Take it or leave it. 'Gandu' doesn't compromise. The director even put his own wife in a highly explicit scene here so we gather he is very much like the lead too, someone who suffers a great deal for his art and doesn't take the easy way out. Much of Bollywood subscribe to taking the well-traveled path. We're glad Q is an adventurer in his filmmaking spirit.

4.5 STARS!

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Shubhajit said…
Wow, you watched Gandu! Awesome!!! The film never got a released in India (for obvious reasons), and got a lone screening at a film festival. However, it did manage to experience an underground circulation courtesy its much talked out explicit content and word of mouth publicity - and as expected for an extreme film like this, the reactions too were extreme.

As for me, I quite liked it - not just because of the director's bravado, but also because of the edgy, angry, avant-garde style. It really did take Indian cinema to places it has rarely ever been to (all sorts of pun intended).
We believe once people in India are able to look past the sex, they will see that it is a uniquely daring film, not just in its sexuality but its context and style.

Every film industry, in any country, needs somebody to shake things up a bit from time to time or it will stay in one place.
Shubhajit said…
You're absolutely spot on there. Couldn't agree with you more on that!!!