Loves of a Blonde

Director - Milos Forman

Genre - Comedy/Romance/Drama

Delightfully sweet and funny movie directed by Milos Forman. The tale is about a naive factory girl named Andula and her dalliances with the opposite sex.The actress who played Andula has one of the sweetest, purest faces we've ever seen on the screen. And if you like her and how she reminds you of a first encounter with love, the film takes on an entirely different feel. You will experience nostalgia, a longing for that girl who got away and a sudden surge of everything sugary and hopeful. That was what we got out of the picture. Without even trying, it managed to bring forth so many reactions in the mind. Made with probably very little money but the end result? Priceless. Not only is this an inspiration to indie filmmakers everywhere, it is a wake up call to makers of bad cinema from 1965.


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Shubhajit said…
A delectable piece of work indeed - one of so many wonderful films to have come out of the incredible Czech New Wave movement. By the way, do watch the other 2 Czech films Milos Forman made before emigrating to the US, viz. Black Peter and The Firemen's Ball (the latter a masterpiece of the highest order) - i.e., in case you haven't watched them already.
No we haven't seen any of these. We'll definitely try to find these movies soon. Thank you. Your vast knowledge of cinema never fail to astonish us. You're like a Martin Scorsese in the review circuit...hah... ;)
Shubhajit said…
Now you're being too kind by heaping far more praise on me than I deserve. Thanks a lot though :)